Student Driver Bumper Magnet
Minimum age to enroll in the classroom course or behind the wheel sessions is 15 years of age.

Student Driver Bumper Magnet

  • Noticeable- The student driver sign is crafted with black lettering that perfectly combined with a yellow-green background color which is readable even at a distance. Being noticeable to nearby drivers will help to avoid accidents.
  • Reusable & Removable – these premium magnetic student driver signs can be removed and reattached anytime. You can easily transfer it to another car when it is needed.
  • Safer- The reflective student driver signs have the same properties as a street sign when light shines onto it, making it a great way to protect the driver during night driving
  • Versatile- can be placed on any type of vehicle and perfect for each side and the rear.

**Product cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the Drive Zone office**


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