Pre-Driver’s Ed Options


These options are available for students beginning at the age of 14, but will not count as, or substitute for a Driver Education program.

Indiana Learner's Permit Self Study Online Course

Way more than just practice tests. This course is designed to present you information that will be found on the Indiana Learner’s Permit test in a way that is easy to understand, yet prepares you for your knowledge test.

*This course is not a substitute for the 30 hour classroom course required for Driver Education*


SImulated Driving Hours

Our driving simulator makes learning how to drive FUN for the student driver! Learning how to drive with SimuRide driving simulator rather than from behind a real steering wheel is just like playing a computer game, but is focused on physics and road rules. Simuride is a fun interactive way to learn how to drive.

*Simulated driving hours are not a substitute for the 6 one hour lessons required for Driver Education*