Drive Zone Expedited Scheduling Service

Expedited Scheduling

During certain time periods, Drive Zone is able to offer our expedited scheduling service that can have you or your student completed with 6 behind the wheel lessons in as little as 14 days.

Due to scheduling and availability restraints, we have to get some specific information from you in regards to your availability just to make sure that we can honor this guarantee before we can even offer the service. Not every student will be a fit for the service, but many are. If you are up against a deadline or are eligible for your license soon, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can determine if we can speed you through this process.

Remember, even if we are able to get you completed very quickly, this course does not waive the 180 day holding period for your permit. You will still also be required to complete 50 behind the wheel practice hours if you have an Indiana Permit. You will still need to pass a driving test either with us or at the BMV. Taking the skills test with us is only available to qualified students. Please contact us for more details or with questions.

**There are additional fees associated with expedited scheduling. The amounts vary based on how quickly you need to be done. Please contact us with any questions.**

Expedited Scheduling Interest Form

Expedited Scheduling Interest Form

To qualify for Expedited Scheduling, the student must have one of the following. Which do you have?
Which of our locations would you prefer?
Please tell us a little bit about your availability
I understand that there are additional fees associated with the Expedited Scheduling package.
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